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Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite C650 C655 C660 C670 L750 L770 PA3817U-1BRS


Toshiba Satellite C650 C655 C660 C670 L750 L770 PA3817U-1BRS

The Toshiba laptop battery is an excellent and high quality product. Typically used for the Toshiba range and compatible with a range of Toshiba laptops.

Contents Included

  • 1 x replacement battery
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The Toshiba laptop battery is 100% OEM compatible, has a built in over-charge protection. Has short circuit protection for added safety, electromagnetic capability and also comes with an in-built over voltage protection which is the imperative standard we set at brandedlaptopchargers.com. Also CE Certified, According to EU Regulations

Product Specification

Battery Rechargeable: Yes
Voltage: 10.8V
Capacity: 5200mAh
Size Battery Chemistry: 6 Cell Li-ion

Compatible Models


This TOSHIBA PA3817U-1BRS Laptop Battery also compatible with the following models:


Dynabook CX/45 SeriesDynabook CX/45FDynabook CX/45GDynabook CX/45HDynabook CX/45JDynabook CX/45KWHDynabook CX/47 SeriesDynabook CX/47FDynabook CX/47GDynabook CX/47HDynabook CX/47JDynabook CX/47KWHDynabook CX/47LWHDynabook CX/48 SeriesDynabook CX/48FDynabook CX/48GDynabook CX/48HDynabook EX/46 SeriesDynabook EX/46MBLDynabook EX/46MWHDynabook EX/48MWHMADynabook EX/56 SeriesDynabook EX/56MBLDynabook EX/56MRDDynabook EX/56MWHDynabook EX/66 SeriesDynabook EX/66MBLDynabook EX/66MRDDynabook EX/66MWHDynabook MX/43KWHDynabook Qosmio T551 SeriesDynabook Qosmio T551/T4EDynabook Qosmio T551/T4EBDynabook Qosmio T551/T4EWDynabook T351 SeriesDynabook T351/46CBDynabook T351/46CRDynabook T351/46CWDynabook T351/57CBDynabook T351/57CRDynabook T351/57CWSatellite L750Satellite L750 SeriesSatellite L750-065Satellite L750-070Satellite L750-0KPSatellite L750-0P8Satellite L750-136Satellite L750-16JSatellite L750-16LSatellite L750-16VSatellite L750-16XSatellite L750-16ZSatellite L750-170Satellite L750-171Satellite L750-17DSatellite L750-17PSatellite L750-18RSatellite L750-1DHSatellite L750-1DJSatellite L750-1DKSatellite L750-1DLSatellite L750-1DMSatellite L750-1DQSatellite L750-1DRSatellite L750-1DUSatellite L750-1DVSatellite L750-1DWSatellite L750-1DXSatellite L750-1E5Satellite L750-1E8Satellite L750-1E9Satellite L750-1EKSatellite L750-BT4N22Satellite L750-ST4N01Satellite L750-ST4N02Satellite L750-ST4NX1Satellite L750-ST4NX2Satellite L750/03C(PSK1WA-03C00R)Satellite L750/03C(PSK1WA-03C044)Satellite L750/03DSatellite L750/04KSatellite L750/04PSatellite L750/052Satellite L750/06PSatellite L750/09JSatellite L750/09KSatellite L750/0DNSatellite L750/0L7Satellite L750/0L8Satellite L750/0L9Satellite L750/0LMSatellite L750/0LNSatellite L750/0QMSatellite L750D-038Satellite L750D-14ESatellite L750D-14FSatellite L750D-14GSatellite L750D-14HSatellite L750D-14LSatellite L750D-14MSatellite L750D-14QSatellite L750D-14RSatellite L750D-14USatellite L750D-BT5N11Satellite L750D-ST4N01Satellite L750D-ST5NX1Satellite L750D/009Satellite L750D/00KSatellite L750D/00USatellite L750D/011Satellite L750D/017Satellite L750D/030Satellite L750D/031Satellite L750D/034Satellite L750D/038





Compatible Model(s)

Toshiba Satellite L350D, L355 P200 P300 P305D X200, PA3536U-1BRS, Satellite L355-S7812, Satellite P200-10C, Satellite P200-10O, Satellite P200-10G, Satellite P200-1DE, Satellite P200-1E7, Satellite X200-21P, Satellite X200-21W


3 Years


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