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Laptop AC Power Adapter Charger For Asus ADP-180MB ROG G750JM 19.5V 9.23A 180W


Asus ADP-180MB ROG G750JM Charger-AS03

The Asus laptop charger is an excellent and high quality product. Typically used for the Asus range and compatible with a range of Asus chargers.


  • 1x AC adapter/charger
  • 1x Power Cord: 3 Pin UK Power Cord Included

5 Year Extended Warranty

Add 5 year warranty protection to your charger

All products come with a 3 year warranty but can you extend that by +2 years for extra protection to your charger

Extended Cable 1.5m

Add an extra extended cable 1.5 meters

All our standard cables are 1 meter long but you can add an extra extended cable which is 1.5 meters long.

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The Asus laptop chargers is 100% OEM compatible, has a built in over-charge protection. Has short circuit protection for added safety, electromagnetic capability and also comes with an in-built over voltage protection which is the imperative standard we set at brandedlaptopchargers.com. Also CE Certified, According to EU Regulations

Product Specification

Input Voltage: AC, 100-240V, 50-60HZ
Output Voltage: 19.5V / 9.23A
Connector Size: 5.5mm*2.5mm
Power Cord: 3 Pin UK Power Cord Included

Compatible Models

Asus ROG G750JM G751JM G750JS FZ50VW FZ50VX GL702VM GL702VT



G750JW G750JX G750JZ

G750JW-DB71 G750JW-BBI7N05 G750JW-QS71-CB G750JW-DB71-CA G750JW-T4038D G750JW-T4019H G750JW-T4057H

G750JX-DB71 G750JX-TB71 G750JX-T4052H G750JX-T4057H G750JX-T4070H G750JX-T4166H G750JX-T4167H

G750JX-T4199H G750JX-CV038H G750JX-QS71-CB G750JX-DH71-CA

ASUS G46 Series: G46VW, G46VW-BHI5N43, G46VW-BSI5N06

ASUS G55 Series: G55VW

ASUS G70 Series: G70G, G70S, G70SG

ASUS G75 Series: G75VW, G75JW, G75JX, G75VX, G75VW-QS71-CBIL,G75VW-RS71, G75VW-RS72

, G75VW-RS72-CA, G75VW-T1040V, G75VW-T1042V, G75VW-T1107V,

G75VW-T1115V, G75VW-T1124V,G75VW-T2158V, G75VX G75VX-CV006H, G75VX-CV012H,


G75VX-CV055H, G75VX-CV058P, G75VX-CV071H, G75VX-CV076H,G75VX-DH72-CA,G75VX-QH72,

G75VX-QH72-CB, G75VX-RH71, G75VX-T4014H, G75VX-T4020H, G75VW-AS71, G75VW-AS72

ASUS G750 Series: G750J ,G750JX, G750VW,G750JW-BBI7N05, G750JW-DB71,

G750JW-DB71-CA, G750JW-T4038D, G750JW-QS71-CB, G750JW-T4019H, G750JW-T4057H, G750JX-TB71,

G750JX-DB71, G750JX-T4052H, G750JX-T4057H, G750JX-T4070H, G750JX-T4166H,

G750JX-T4167H, G750JX-T4199H, G750JX-CV038H, G750JX-QS71-CB, G750JX-DH71-CA




3 Years

Compatible Model(s)

Asus ADP-180MB, G750JS-DS71 G750JS-RS71 G750JW G750JX G750JZ G750J, G750JW G750JX G750JZ, G750JW-DB71 G750JW-BBI7N05 G750JW-QS71-CB, G750JW-DB71-CA G750JW-T4038D, G750JW-T4019H G750JW-T4057H, G750JX-DB71 G750JX-TB71 G750JX-T4052H, G750JX-T4057H G750JX-T4070H G750JX-T4166H, G750JX-T4167H G750JX-T4199H G750JX-CV038H, G750JX-QS71-CB G750JX-DH71-CA

Output Current


Max Output Power





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