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BT Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300 – 088159

(7 customer reviews)


BT Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300-BT Essential Wifi Extender 300

Extend your wireless broadband where your router can’t reach. The Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300 allows you to extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi to provide greater coverage, improve connectivity and help eliminate Wi-Fi black spots.

1x BT Wi-Fi Extender

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Wi-Fi doesn’t reach? Extend the range of your Wi-Fi around your home. Want reliability and speed? Connect your Wi-Fi Extender to your existing wireless broadband. Prefer uninterrupted media streaming? Perfect for downloading music, streaming HD video content or for playing online games. Model No. 088159


Works with all broadband provider
Extend the range of your broadband
Simple push-button Wi-Fi connection to your Hub/Router
Multiple HD / 3D Video Streaming
Faster downloads and online gaming
Greater reliability
Secure wireless network – no configuration necessary

Maximum LAN Data Rate:


Maximum Wireless Data Rate:








7 reviews for BT Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300 – 088159

  1. Dennis B

    We bought this product to pair up with a Now TV Stick, as our main router was too far away… it has solved the problem, although there is still some very minor buffering from time to time.

  2. Gordi

    Great idea improved my wireless signal no end ,can now download files realy quickly, my laptop has no rj 45 port

  3. Ally Biring

    This piece of kit is really good when up and running. Here’s a tip that I used, just open the box, plug it into the wall socket, put the aux cable straight into your router and other end into the device and wait a while. After about 2 hours remove the aux from the devices unplug the device from the wall, simply walk into the furthest wall socket away from the router (like another room) just plug it in and away you go!! Then to test it’s working get a mobile preferably an iPhone’ click on WiFi settings switch off the WiFi on your iPhone then back on, look for the name of the device then choose the new device, it will ask for a password!! Now that’s the password to your router so enter the password to your router then it should tick ✅ and say connected. Presto all up and running

  4. Dan Butler

    Really easy to set up. If your router has WPS its usually a ‘one button’ press on the router and another one button press on the extender and the link is made. A bit more difficult to set up without WPS but still relatively easy. Clear and simple instruction included with the repeater to do this.
    There is a simple indicator on the repeater to tell you what state its in.
    I have has good success in connecting wi-fi CCTV cameras though these repeaters.

  5. Danny Groanne

    I wanted to extend the range of my WiFi into the garden and specifically my Summer house.
    The router was just out of range. By placing this extender in the kitchen, the reception outside was excellent. It took just two minutes to install. I simply plugged it into a socket outlet, pressing the WPS button on the router, then the WPS button on the extender which then scanned the signal from the router and was up and running in two minutes. Job done.

  6. Jamal

    Good but not for my purpose

    Bought this for my summerhouse. Picked up signal bit not strong enough for my new television so had to send back. Was easy to install and probably to boost signal in a house would work OK. Think I was asking too much for the garden house. Bought different brand bit more expensive but boosts my signal well. Can now watch on demand

  7. Warren

    I needed to boost the wi-fi signal, from BTHub3 in the hallway, for my laptop in the extension at the side of the house. I’d previously been using an ethernet connection via the mains, using BT boxes, but this became increasingly unreliable and in the end was unusable. Hence I was a bit skeptical of the wi-fi Extender claims. However, I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed. The set-up is pretty straightforward, once you’ve got the hang of it, and the improvement in signal strength is dramatic (I’ve gone from 1-bar to 4/5 bars on the laptop icon).

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