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Dell PA10 Latitude D620 D630 Laptop Charger-DE01-2

The DELL is an excellent and reliable charger with an extra ordinary power life. Efficient and build to extremely high standards means you get a charger you can rely on and is safe to use as well.

  • 1 x AC Adapter/Charger
  • 1 x 3 Pin UK Power Cord

5 Year Extended Warranty

Add 5 year warranty protection to your charger

All products come with a 3 year warranty but can you extend that by +2 years for extra protection to your charger

Extended Cable 1.5m

Add an extra extended cable 1.5 meters

All our standard cables are 1 meter long but you can add an extra extended cable which is 1.5 meters long.

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The DELL charger is 100% OEM compatible, has a built in over-charge protection. Has short circuit protection for added safety, electromagnetic capability and also comes with an in-built over voltage protection which is the imperative standard we set at brandedlaptopchargers.com.

Product Specifications:

  • input Voltage: AC, 100-240V, 50-60HZ
    Output Voltage: 19.5V 4.62A
    Connecter Size: 7.4*5.0mm (Pin inside)
  • Power Cord: 3 Pin UK Power Cord Included

Compatible Models

310-2860 310-7251 310-7697 310-8363 310-8941 310-9048
310-9050 310-9249 310-9438 310-9439 330-0395 330-1650
330-2139 330-2143 330-2144 330-2146 330-2763 330-2963
330-3614 330-3615 330-4279 330-4280 330-4281 5K74V
C026H GY470 H856H HA65NE1-00 KT190 M582J M585J MK911
N2768 N560J N566J NF642 PA-1650-050 PA-1650-28D PA-2E
PC531 TN800 TW587 W916G XD802 YR719 YR733


Dell Inspiron 1150 Dell Precision M20
Dell Inspiron 1401 Dell Precision M60
Dell Inspiron 1410 Dell Precision M65
Dell Inspiron 1420 Dell Precision M70
Dell Inspiron 1501 Dell Vostro 1000
Dell Inspiron 1520 Dell Vostro 1400
Dell Inspiron 1521 Dell Vostro A840
Dell Inspiron 1525 Dell Vostro A860
Dell Inspiron 2150 Dell XPS M1210
Dell Inspiron 300M Dell XPS M140
Dell Inspiron 500M Dell XS M1330
Dell Inspiron 505M Inspiron 1420
Dell Inspiron 510M Inspiron 15
Dell Inspiron 6000 Inspiron 1520
Dell Inspiron 600M Inspiron 1521
Dell Inspiron 630M Inspiron 300m
Dell Inspiron 6400 Inspiron 500m
Dell Inspiron 640M Inspiron 6000
Dell Inspiron 700M Inspiron 600m
Dell Inspiron 710M Inspiron 630m
Dell Inspiron 8500 Inspiron 640m
Dell Inspiron 8600 Inspiron 700m
Dell Inspiron 9200 Inspiron 710m
Dell Inspiron 9400 Inspiron E1405
Dell Inspiron E1405 Latitude 120L
Dell Inspiron E1505 Latitude 131L
Dell Inspiron E1705 Latitude D400
Dell Latitude 120L Latitude D410
Dell Latitude 131L Latitude D420
Dell Latitude D400 Latitude D430
Dell Latitude D410 Latitude D500
Dell Latitude D420 Latitude D505
Dell Latitude D430 Latitude D510
Dell Latitude D500 Latitude D520
Dell Latitude D505 Latitude D530
Dell Latitude D510 Latitude D531
Dell Latitude D520 Latitude D600
Dell Latitude D530 Latitude D610
Dell Latitude D531 Latitude D620
Dell Latitude D531N Latitude D630
Dell Latitude D600 Latitude D631
Dell Latitude D610 Latitude D800
Dell Latitude D620 Latitude D830
Dell Latitude D630 Latitude E4200
Dell Latitude D630N Latitude E4300
Dell Latitude D631N Latitude X300
Dell Latitude D800 Latitude XT
Dell Latitude D810 Latitude XT2
Dell Latitude D830 M109S

Dell Part Numbers:

9T215 310-3399 UC473 310-2862 7W104 5U092 2H098 T2357 450-10471 PA10 PA-10

· Dell Inspiron:1564 15r 9400 E1750 N4010 N5010 N5110 N7010

Dell Inspiron:E1705,E1405,E1505,1150,1420,1501,1520,1521,1526,1720,1721,6000,6400,


Dell Latitude:100L,131L,D400,D410,D420,D430,D500,D510,D520,D531,D600,D610,D620,D630,


Dell Precision:M20,M60,M65,M70,M2300,4300

Dell Vostro:1000,1400,1500,1700

Dell XPS:M1210,M1330,M140,M1530,M170

Dell Studio:15,17, 1537, 1735, 1737




Output Current





3 Years

Compatible Models

DELL, DELL PA10 LAPTOP ADAPTER CHARGER LATITUDE D620 D63, Dell Inspiron E1505, E1705, 1110, 1150, 11z, 13, Dell Inspiron 8500, 8600, 9200, 9300, 9400, E1405,, Dell Inspiron 640M, 700M, 710M, 6000, 6000D 6400, Dell Inspiron: 300M, 500M, 505M, 510M, 600M, 630M, PLUS MANY MORE, For Dell Inspiron, For Dell Latitude, For Dell Vo, DELL Latitude E5420 E5500 E5520 E6220, Universal


Power Adapter Charger Power Supply



Max Output Power



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